C. Spot Runs

C. Spot Runs

CHILD: “See Spot run. Spot runs fast.”

UNIVERSITY STUDENT: “C. Spot runs. No wait! B.”

POLITICIAN: “Spot is running against me? But voters love dogs…”

SALESPERSON: “Running? Spot, see what this car can do for your commute.”

MARKETER: “See how Spot increased his walking speed by 400%.”

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER: “Spot: Run like the wind.”

H.R: “I see on Spot’s LinkedIn profile that “running’ is his only skill. He does have 500 endorsements though.”

I.T: “See, Spot is running Windows 8. That’s the problem.”

PSYCHIATRIST: “Why are you running, Spot? Let’s walk together. Through your childhood.”

TEACHER: “Don’t let me see you running in the halls, Spot!”

COMEDIAN: “What’s Spot running from anyway? His drinking problem?”

REPORTER: “See Spot, allegedly rabid dog, chase after elderly white male.”

DRUG DEALER: “I don’t see why Spot ran. Was he holding?”

POLICE OFFICER: “Spot ran when he saw us. We were justified in our use of force.”

LAWYER: “In Spot’s defence, he was merely jogging.”




If they cut your harness, I hope that you still climb.
If they tie your watch’s hands, I trust you’ll find the time.
And if they throw stones, you must have strength enough to be kind.

Stay standing, because only the audience sits.
People can only put you in a cage
If you’re small enough to fit.


Mr. John G

Mr. John G- final

This is a poem I wrote back in high school for a Writer’s Craft course. It’s loosely inspired by Christopher Nolan’s “Memento”. The trick is to read it as a clock from noon to midnight. The meaning of the first verse changes the second time around.

Haiku Poems

Metro Pigeon

Bird boarding subway

You’ve wings that we don’t to spread

Why ride beside us?

Red, White and Blue

 Pen bled blue for you

Now red scars on white drown blue

Scribbled on the page

Dry Well

 The well has run dry

This empty cup of coffee

It begs to be filled

Guest of the Sky

 When will the sun rise?

Visits of its volition

Man can’t force the hour