C. Spot Runs

C. Spot Runs

CHILD:ย “See Spot run. Spot runs fast.”

UNIVERSITY STUDENT: “C. Spot runs. No wait! B.”

POLITICIAN:ย “Spot is running against me? But voters love dogs…”

SALESPERSON:ย “Running? Spot, see what this car can do for your commute.”

MARKETER:ย “See how Spot increased his walking speed by 400%.”

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER:ย “Spot: Run like the wind.”

H.R:ย “I see on Spot’s LinkedIn profile that “running’ is his only skill. He does have 500 endorsements though.”

I.T:ย “See, Spot is running Windows 8. That’s the problem.”

PSYCHIATRIST:ย “Why are you running, Spot? Let’s walk together. Through your childhood.”

TEACHER:ย “Don’t let me see you running in the halls, Spot!”

COMEDIAN:ย “What’s Spot running from anyway? His drinking problem?”

REPORTER:ย “See Spot, allegedly rabid dog, chase after elderly white male.”

DRUG DEALER:ย “I don’t see why Spot ran. Was he holding?”

POLICE OFFICER:ย “Spot ran when he saw us. We were justified in our use of force.”

LAWYER:ย “In Spot’s defence, he was merely jogging.”




*Inspired by a particularly bad comment section on the internet that was condemning someone else’s stupidity.

I don’t always speak in internet memes, but when I do

Itโ€™s for that awkward moment when

I notice that one does not simply express himself naturally.

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ thought?

It’s gotten Very Wow! One Gif! So Lazy!

Am I Forever Aloneย in this?

You must have noticed these meme abusers…

There’sย Over 9000!!!!