A Hero By Accident (Ch. 1)

A Hero By Accident (Ch. 1)

Chapter 1: The Rubber Throne

Sebastian White chewed his lip anxiously as his eyes panned over the horizon.

His mind was preoccupied with the unwelcome surprise he had recently found sitting on his rubber throne—rubber because he argued it was safer than a throne of iron that he might walk into and wound his toe upon.
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The Woheha

She was not the first to show up at the gates to the village of Sehman without a tongue. In fact, he was the fourth. They all arrived in the same condition: afraid, unable to do more than babble with their tongues gone, repeating again and again what seemed to be a name: Woheha.

Each victim had been initially bound for Tica, the neighbouring town. Nobody was sure what happened on the way; men without tongues do not tell good stories and, like most of the farming village, they could neither read nor write.

Whatever happened to these men outside the village, they were eager to cast it from their memory, content to live their remaining years in silence. The first man to see it, a particularly poor artist, sketched a picture of how this Woheha looked. It looked like a lion according to the drawing. But what would a lion want with tongues?


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The Four Kings

 Once, there were four men who aspired to be Kings.
 To boast wealth beyond measure, one adorned himself in diamonds.
To call himself strong, the second chose to brandish his club.
To be desired by all, the third pursued love, lust, and others’ hearts.
The last wanted nothing but his work. Few understood him, but he was buried with a smile by the very spade with which he toiled.