Confession: I am a Homophobe



I hate them. They disgust me. I go out of my way to avoid them. Homophones.

Can you believe that they exist? I mean, two same-sounding words? That shouldn’t happen. Bare and bear? It’s unnatural. We ought to rid the world of them before any real damage is done, before our children get confused.

“Daddy, why does Mr. and Mr. Stevenson’s DVD player spell it “Pause” instead of “Paws”?

“Well you see, son, sometimes a word can sound the same as another word, but it can mean something else. Sometimes we might even spell it differently…”

Have fun explaining that to your kids.

And I hear people rally in their support?  Why don’t they see where people like me are coming from? It’s “Adam and Eve”, not “Atom and Eave”! I’m okay with synonyms, but why do these damn homophones have to sound the same?

I’m sorry to vent, but I hate how society likes to label my honest disgust as “homophobic”. I’m entitled to my opinion; it’s not like I’m being sexist or racist. It’s not like homophones are people.

What? You’re going to say that I’m wrong, that I’m not entitled to my opinion?

I am wrong?

Homophobia is the fear and hatred of people who prefer relations with the same sex?

But that’s just being an asshole. How can you hate someone you don’t know?


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