Romance: Back Then Vs Now

Smartphones, Social Media, the Internet. Let’s take a look at how these things have affected romance in today’s world:

Back then: You’d often smile into your lap as you thought of something your crush said.

Now: You’ll often smile into your lap because you’re reading a funny meme on your phone that your crush sent.

Back then: You’d tell them if you could pick the sun or their smile, you’d invest in a flashlight and choose the one that brightens your day the most.

Now: *Googles Drake lyrics to Copy and Paste into a Facebook chat*

Back Then: You’d part ways with your crush only to look forward to the next time you meet. The fond memories you share would tide you over until then.

Now: “Hey, what u up 2?” “nm u?” “sme sme” “wht u doing?” “nm u?” “sme sme” “how ws ur day?” “ok. u?” “sme sme”

Back Then: You’d be walking down the street and stop in your tracks to do a double-take as you see someone who stole your eyes and your heart away. You’d forget where you were headed because they just became your destination.

Now: You’ll be scrolling down your Facebook news feed. Your finger freezes on the mouse. A breath-taking selfie forces you to scroll back up. You click “Like” and linger there for a moment.

Back Then: You’d have a brief conversation with an attractive stranger that leaves your head abuzz with a million questions. Are they single? What are their aspirations? Do you share the same favourite colour?

Now: You have a brief conversation with an attractive stranger, and then follow them on Twitter to hear their every mundane thought.


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