Finding Truth(s)

Finding Truth should not be easy. Anyone with a mouth or a pen needs only to pour the right words into our eyes and ears to make our hearts bleed. Emotions are not a product of reason; they can be provoked even before we sort fact from fiction, reports from rhetoric. A healthy cynicism can ward off naΓ―vetΓ©, but it is a touch of optimism that affords us the open mind necessary to discover the Truth for ourselves. Instead of merely absorbing facts that have yet to be verified and yielding to emotions that have yet to be warranted, we can embark on a journey for truth. Through time and space, we can visit Truth’s many voices on the way to a destination. Maybe the Truth you arrive at will be different from that which I come to, but we’ll both find it in the same place: somewhere between two extreme opinions. You’ll know when you’re there, because it’s an uncomfortable place to be.


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