An Apocalyptic Vision

The sun was extinguished in an instant like a candle caught in heavy rain. Billions worldwide looked upward as the night swallowed the sky whole at 3 in the afternoon. A collective confusion fell upon the world, but only a few really panicked.  At first.

Reason consoled most people’s fear: it was a solar eclipse, they thought, or some other natural phenomenon they knew little about that some scientist could easily explain away. But what explanation could be offered for the birds that flocked to the ground, the beasts that ran headlong off the cliffs, the fish that swam to shore?

The people of the world tended to their business, their day to day routines, trying their best to ignore the curtain of darkness. From far enough above, their cars seemed to move along like lines of ants; but instead of being at the beck and call of a Queen, they enslaved themselves to dead Kings on paper. The world of man continued as a machine: the cogs spinning, the wheels turning, the smoke blinding.

But if anyone stopped to look just a little closer, they might have noticed the absent stars in this artificial night, or the faint outline of two massive closed eyes that replaced the sun and the moon in the sky. They might have been able to see it coming: the ominous face that loomed over the world and destroyed it all with a look.

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