Something Like a Ghost

I believe in something like ghosts. Not the sulking spectres that roam the halls at night, but the idea that there is something of our lives left behind even when all life has left us. It is a thing that lives with and without us, that we invest in with every moment and memory we share. It is an incantation that, whenever spoken, conjures at least the faintest image of you for a spell. It is the sum of your existence; it haunts you as you live and then others when you don’t. It can shift shape and sound strange, but it will always follow you the same. Yet to others it may weigh different, to some it may be dead, and to most it may never have existed. But to those who knew it in life, and carry it well on their lips, your name can be all you truly own in this world and all that you leave behind.

2 thoughts on “Something Like a Ghost

  1. Read your article on TC. Came to your blog out of curiosity to see what you are blogging about. You have a very unique writing style.I read most of your work and found myself reading this one over and over again. It’s very deep and love the way it’s written!

    1. Thanks! I always appreciate being read, and feedback even more so. I like to attempt and experiment with a variety of styles and genres, so knowing what people react positively to is something I consider whenever I write. Glad to see TC is giving this blog some exposure though!

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